AIDA Blood

To help employees make optimal decisions in blood stock management and communicate them within the organization

Blood donation centers are critical components of the blood supply chain, as they ensure sufficient blood components are available for hospital treatment. Performing this task is particularly difficult for components with short shelf life, as it requires decision-making under conditions of uncertainty. Expediting department staff often point out this problem in the case of platelet cell concentrate management, pointing out that, on the one hand, they cannot allow too low an inventory as they want to safeguard the needs of hospitals). Still, they also cannot maintain too high an inventory (because this leads to the disposal of components due to expiration). Helping to solve this problem is the AIDA Blood application, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze available data and provide valuable insight that makes hard decisions easy.

The AIDA Blood application gives easy access to the data needed for inventory decisions, allowing key information to be shared between different departments.


The system uses historical and current data to support optimal decision-making regarding the inventory of blood and blood components. It is designed to integrate with standard systems for blood banks.


Artificial intelligence models provide the user with additional information about the current situation, predictions about the future, and calculated suggestions that enable easier optimal decision-making, affecting the efficiency of blood and blood center operations


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