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Our Mission is to Eliminate the Waste of Blood

Our decision support software for doctors with a storage management system for hospitals and blood banks creates a complete ecosystem that leverages the power of AI to make blood flow better.


Decrease in use of blood and blood components



We provide clinical decision support system AIDA Blood® that helps doctors enhancing their abilities and provide personalized education.



We can help you optimize blood management and identify spots where your inside procedures need to be improved


Blood Banks

Thank to our solution you will lower your blood reagents wastes. We help you manage donors, production, and deliveries. 

See If You Can Improve Your Blood Managment 


The Medical University of Warsaw

The Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) is one of the oldest medical schools in Poland. For over 200 years it has provided education and training in medicine and pharmacy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. MUW’s programs meet the highest international standards of university-level education and are based on the principles of good clinical and pharmaceutical practice.

Military Institute of Medicine

A modern, multi-profile research and treatment unit distinguished by quality in all fields of activity, whose development horizons far exceed the present.


HealthInc is a 12-week accelerator program that connects startups to a network of healthcare and business professionals to support them on their innovation journey.


Sanquin is one of the few organizations in the world to combine medical, diagnostic and scientific activities under the same roof, all in the field of blood. With 2,000 committed colleagues and 345,000 blood donors, they can provide a better life for 300,000 patients each year.

The Polish Hospital Federation

„The most representative hospital organization in Poland”

 The Polish Hospital Federation was founded in Warsaw on 10.10.2011 and was admitted as a full member of the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation on 19.11.2011 at the meeting of the Board of Governors in Dusseldorf

National Blood Center

Efficient and effective implementation of public tasks imposed by the Minister of Health related to the organization and coordination of the supply of safe blood, its components and blood products to the Republic of Poland and constant improvement of work standards.

Międzyleski Specialist Hospital in Warsaw

(Formerly the Central Railway Hospital in Warsaw – Międzylesie) – is a multi-specialist hospital with the rank of a voivodship hospital. The main objective of the Facility, existing since 1960, is to protect the health of the population in the form of providing specialist and highly specialized health services, in-patient and out-patient.

Our Team

Mateusz Pawełczuk M.D.

Mateusz Pawełczuk M.D.

CEO & Co-founder

Passionate about new technologies and digital transformation. 

Michał Kubik<br />

Michał Kubik<br />

CFO & Co-founder<br />

Many years of experience in analyzing and managing projects related to the development of web and mobile applications.

Michał Janiszewski M.D.<br />

Michał Janiszewski M.D.<br />

CMO & Co-founder<br />

Gained his knowledge of medical project management as a member of the medical department of a pharmaceutical company.

Mateusz Zaborski PhD

Mateusz Zaborski PhD

Chief of R&D

His scientific interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence algorithms, and in particular issues related to global optimization using swarm and genetic algorithms. 

Jarosław Kaim

Jarosław Kaim


Experience sales manager, with many years of practice in different industries. For the last two years, he was responsible for many successful stock market debuts 

Kamil Krzywda

Kamil Krzywda

Lead Developer

Experience Fullstack Developer with almost 10 years of experience in delivering software from A to Z.

Board of Advisors

Prof. Aleksandra Przeglinska

Prof. Aleksandra Przeglinska

An Associate Professor of Management at Kozminski University and a PhD in the field of artificial intelligence philosophy at the University of Warsaw.. Until recently, she conducted research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. She graduated from The New School for Social Research in New York. She is interested in the development of new technologies, natural language processing, advances in humanoid artificial intelligence, social robots and dressing technologies.

Marjolein Gerritsen

Marjolein Gerritsen

Marjolein brings a wealth of experience in transforming and growing business in an international and multi-cultural context. Marjolein worked for Citigroup and American Express and was responsible and accountable to launch and grow customer bases in B2C and B2B businesses.

Prof Wim (W. L. A. M.) de Kort MD PhD

Prof Wim (W. L. A. M.) de Kort MD PhD

Specialist in the field of blood donors, the process of organisation and management of stocks, between 2002 -10 Director for the Southeast region of the Netherlands in Sanquin, until this year he was Director of Donor Services and Head of Donor Research, currently Professor of Donor Health Care, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam

Prof. Jolanta KORSAK, PhD,

Prof. Jolanta KORSAK, PhD,

 The National Military Consultant on Transfusionology, heads the Department of Serology and Transfusionology at the Military Medical Institute, coordinator of the work of the Ministry of Health’s working group on blood therapy guidelines in Poland.

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