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Our products are dedicated to both Hospitals with their own blood banks and Blood banks centers responsible for blood management in the specific region. We provide solutions supporting the whole process of end-to-end blood management by enhancing the processes of: estimation of the demand on blood and its components basing on retrospective data, blood storage management and supporting the decision making process not only in the field of management but also in the area of clinical decisions.

AIDA Diagnostics' Products

E-Documentation for blood storage management

The tool supports building an electronical documentation for all the blood components coming in and out of a hospital's blood bank

CDSS Module

Clinical decisions support system supporting decision making process of performing a blood tranfusions to a patient

AIDA Blood: Hospital

Clinical decision support system in the area of qualifying patients for blood transfusion

We work with

Military Institute
of Medicine
The Polish Hospital
Miedzyleski Specjalist
Hospital in Warsaw

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