About us

AIDA Diagnostics is a company founded out of the vision and dedication. We believe that our dream of bringing the newest technological solution to the world of medicine is not only achievable, but neccesary, now more than ever. Us being the doctors and it specialist themselves know important it is to provide the world of medicine with the best tools possible, so that patients and doctors could benefit from the top standard care. We recogize the importance and gravity of challenges standing before blood management all around the world and decided to act on them by making our own contribution and impact.

Meet Our Team

We are highly motivated to change how blood is used
around the world. We are doctors, lab workers,
IT specialist and Data Science engineers who dedicated themselves to one common goal: bringing the blood management to the XXI century.

Mateusz Pawełczuk M.D.

CEO & Co-founder

Michał Janiszewski M.D.

CPO & Co-founder


Jarosław Kaim

CSO & Co-founder

Mateusz Zaborski

Head of AI

Advisory Board

We have privilege to work with the best Polish,
Europen and World experts on blood transfusion and AI.

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